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About the SCAMPI Appraisal System
The CMMI Institute Appraisal Program, partnering with the process appraisal community worldwide, has developed the SCAMPI Appraisal System (SAS). The SAS helps to oversee the quality and consistency of the CMMI Institute's process appraisal technology and encourage its effective use. The system assists the CMMI Institute Appraisal Program in its three functions: appraisal quality control; training, authorizing, and providing resources for Lead Appraisers; and monitoring and reporting appraisal results.

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Registration Information
You must have an affiliation with the CMMI Institute in order to register with the SAS. In order to register as a Lead Appraiser, you must have an emailed invitation from the SAS Administrator.
To register in the SAS Appraisal Team Member Group, you must have completed the appropriate introduction course (i,e. Intro to CMMI-Dev, Intro to CMMI-SVC, Intro to People CMM).