Published CMMI® Appraisal Results

The intended goal and purpose of the CMMI® Model and People CMM® Model, and the SCAMPIsm family of appraisal methods is for process improvement. The outcome, which is entirely dependent on the organization implementing it, is a measurable increase in the quality of the products developed with a better ability to predict the time and budget needed to perform the development. The goal is to increase the entity’s ability to reliably develop products and services in a repeatable fashion with continual improvement.

Maintaining and improving beyond a certain maturity status is a continuous process. Therefore once a certain level is reached, appraisals are still necessary to know if the maturity or capability is being maintained and increasing over time. This published list of appraisal results show the maturity or capability status achieved at a point in time indicated by the appraisal’s end date.

For information that provides a snapshot of the state of global process maturity, based on appraisal results submitted to the CMMI Institute's SAS database, see the CMMI Adoption Trends Report (formerly known as the Maturity Profile) .

The following link will generate a current list of Organizational Units which have completed and reported SCAMPI Class A appraisals against the CMMI or People CMM Model. Documented authorization has been received from the sponsor of each posted appraisal for this release of information.

NOTICE:  We have made a change to the Published Appraisal Results website (  Due to wide variation in the material previously posted involving the descriptions of the organizational unit's maturity level 4 and 5 activities, we will be modifying SAS to better portray the needed information, and reduce the variation and volume of material depicted.  Because of this, we have removed the existing level 4 and 5 descriptions from the PARS site.  The remainder of the provided ADS is not affected by this deletion, and will remain on the PARS website. We will work with the SCAMPI High Maturity Lead Appraisers once we have an improved design so that a better set of information can be posted to PARS for all V1.2 High Maturity appraisals regarding level 4 and 5 descriptions.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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If you have conducted a SCAMPI Class A appraisal in your organization and would like to see your results published here, please contact your SCAMPI Lead AppraiserSM The Lead Appraiser will collect the appropriate data and authorizations from your organization and initiate the posting process.

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