Organization Name: Mahindra Insurance Brokers Limited (MIBL)
Organizational Unit: Insurance Broking unit of Mahindra Financial Services Sector
Appraisal Sponsor Name: Vinay Deshpande
Lead Appraiser Name: Rajesh Naik
Partner Name: QAI India Limited

Organizational Unit Description
Basic Units / Support Functions:
    Mumbai, Maharashtra India
    Mumbai, Maharashtra India
    Mumbai, Maharashtra India
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
    Delhi, NCR Delhi India
    Mumbai, Maharashtra India
    Mumbai, Maharashtra India
    Mumbai, Maharashtra India
    Kolkatta, West Bengal India
    Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
    Mumbai, Maharashtra India

Organizational Sample Size
% of people included: 49
% of projects/units included: 35
Org Scope Description: Employees of MIBL, represented by 7 sampled basic units and 4 relevant support groups.

Appraisal Description
Last Day of Appraisal Onsite: Dec 11, 2015
Appraisal Expiration Date: Dec 11, 2018
Appraisal Method Used: SCAMPI V1.3 A
Model Information: People CMM v2.0
Sampling Summary
Sampling Factors: Location: The locations for MIBL can be divided into (1) Mumbai (2) SE Zone and (3) NW Zone

Customer (Not Relevant: Customers are consumers (public). There are thousands of customers, and customers do not influence the people related processes. Hence "customer" as a sampling factor is not relevant.)

Size (Not Relevant: The people related practices are independent of the size of the Basic Units. Hence this factor is not relevant.)

Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: This is subsumed in the factor 'type of work'. The organization structure is also aligned to the 'Locations'.)

Type of Work: Essentially the work is divided into 2 types (1) Head Office (2) Regional

Sampling Factor Values: Mumbai (Location): Head office at Mumbai

SE Zone (Location): Zonal and Regional Offices located in the South and East.

NW Zone (Location): Zonal and Regional Offices located in the North and West.

HO Work (Type of Work): Work done at the Head Office

Regional Work (Type of Work): Work done in the regions

Mumbai-HO Work: Basic Units located in Mumbai doing HO work.
120 People, 6 Basic Units
- Mumbai
- HO Work

SE Zone-Regional Work: Basic units (state clusters) doing regional work in the Southern and Eastern regions of India
269 People, 7 Basic Units
- Regional Work
- SE Zone

NW Zone-Regional Work: Basic units (state clusters) doing regional work in the Northern and Western regions of India
366 People, 7 Basic Units
- NW Zone
- Regional Work

Model Scope and Appraisal Ratings
People CMM v2.0
Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Communication & Coordination
Work Environment
Performance Management
Training & Development
Competency Analysis
Workforce Planning
Competency Development
Career Development
Competency-Based Practices
Workgroup Development
Participatory Culture
Competency Integration
Empowered Workgroups
Competency-Based Assets
Quantitative Performance Management
Organizational Capability Management
Continuous Capability Improvement
Organizational Performance Alignment
Continuous Workforce Innovation
Maturity Level:Maturity Level 3