Organization Name: Bharat Dynamics Ltd
Organizational Unit: Executive Cadre employees
Appraisal Sponsor Name: Srinivasan Narayanan
Lead Appraiser Name: Sankararaman Dhandapani
Partner Name: QAI India Limited

Organizational Unit Description
Basic Units / Support Functions:
    Hyderabad, Telengana India
    Hyderabad, Telengana India
    Hyderabad, Telangana India
    Hyderabad, Telengana India

Organizational Sample Size
% of people included: 95
% of projects/units included: 75
Org Scope Description: 3 basic units sampled and selected from the OU based on SCAMPI sampling requirements and support teams for providing data

Appraisal Description
Last Day of Appraisal Onsite: Dec 20, 2019
Appraisal Expiration Date: Dec 20, 2022
Appraisal Method Used: SCAMPI V1.3 A
Model Information: People CMM v2.0
Sampling Summary
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: People practices are the same across locations. In addition, location is subsumed in the other sampling factor, type of work)

Customer (Not Relevant: OU services a single customer and people processes do not vary based on customer)

Size (Not Relevant: Basic units have smaller workgroups and there is a defined span of control in which the people processes are implemented. In view this, size of basic unit is not relevant)

Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: Organization is structured as Units. Units are at different locations. Units are subsumed under Type of work sampling factor)

Type of Work: There are two types of work. Work done at Corporate Office and Work done in the Units.

Sampling Factor Values: Units (Type of Work): These are the units where the products are manufactured, assembled and tested

CO (Type of Work): This is the Corporate Office where central functions like Planning, Finance, Policy are situated

CO: This is the Corporate Office
77 People, 1 Basic Units
- CO

Units: These are the Units where the products are manufactured, assembled and tested
844 People, 3 Basic Units
- Units

Model Scope and Appraisal Ratings
People CMM v2.0
Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Communication & Coordination
Work Environment
Performance Management
Training & Development
Competency Analysis
Workforce Planning
Competency Development
Career Development
Competency-Based Practices
Workgroup Development
Participatory Culture
Competency Integration
Empowered Workgroups
Competency-Based Assets
Quantitative Performance Management
Organizational Capability Management
Continuous Capability Improvement
Organizational Performance Alignment
Continuous Workforce Innovation
Maturity Level:Maturity Level 2